Santiago Galeas

Sometimes you can understand a painting, sometimes you can experience a painting and sometimes a painting simply speaks to you. There is no other way to describe it and we would be the first to admit we have no way to explain how this happens, but we here at 200 R ONE cannot doubt that it happens, because when we look at the work of Santiago Galeas we have conversations – we hear soliloquies, diatribes and poetry. We are affected.

How is it that sometimes all we see is paint and other times we see people, places, happenings? What is it in the work of an artist that sometimes finds itself expressed and sometimes finds itself lost in translation? You might as well ask ‘what is art?’ for all the hope you have of answering that!

And then, upon rereading the text above suddenly an answer presents itself. What if we use our hearts instead of our heads to decide what art is? Instead of Marcel Duchamp’s “Art is what I say it is”, we end up with Art is what we feel it is. And we don’t mean ‘we’ as in the people writing these words and running this site, no we mean the ‘we’ as in you and me. Only we get to say what is art because only we know when we’re affected. And what better definition could there be of art than saying it is that which affects us? So throw away your textbooks, toss away your brochures, turn off those television programs and just let that which absorbs you, absorb you.

We love Santiago’s work. In fact, we could say so much more, but why would we? His paintings speak for themselves. We’re just going to sit back and let you listen. Welcome to 200 R ONE, Santiago Galeas.